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Herbal & nutrient formulas – 100% natural – obviously

Natures Wisdom is set in rural Hampshire UK and our products are formulated by our team of Naturopaths and Traditional Herbalists.

The products offered on this website are the result of over 30 years of trials in our associated clinics – hundreds of clients have benefited from these supportive products and now we are offering them to you!

Within nature’s recipe book, we have found many old remedies and combined
them with knowledge about newly discovered ingredients. This way we can keep extending the pages of the recipe book, for years to come.

If you are aiming to support your own health and wellness, you will find products in our online shop to suit your needs. Please call or email us if you need more information about our products (we cannot offer advise about your health conditions unfortunately).

” Knowledge passed down through natures Wisdom “

Our ingredients are ground down to exactly the right size so that absorbsion of the micronutrients take place in the lower part of the gut, where uptake into the bloodstream is at its highest. All the enzymes, nutrients, pre and probiotics in our formulas are in the form of the plant extracts, so they can be more easily recognised by the body.

Even the flavours used vary, to make sure that the body keeps noticing the formulas and takes up the nutrients at the optimum level – we use vanilla, fennel and berries for this.

We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself when it is nourished with nutrients in the right state and combination. The world is full of poisons and challenges so our bodies can become toxic, dehydrated and malnourished.

We have carefully formulated these balanced powders and tinctures to nourish at the deepest level, in a way that most supplements cannot.

So often, we can use treatments that fail to act or the benefits don’t hold for long and we ask ourselves if the healing response was affected by some kind of deficiency.

It can be difficult to find quality supplements or to find reliable knowledge about herbal medicine and nutrition. The Nature’s Wisdom range provides a solution for this problem, as the formulas are safe for anyone to use and this site makes them easy to choose and recommend.

Our unique Nerve & Gut support powders 

Our nerve and gut support powders provide support for the enteric system with L-glutamine, Collagen and Vitamin D with the use of just 3 natural ingredients – peteroselenium herb, coconut whey and sprouted broccoli powders. The formula supports healing of the myelin sheath that protects nerves as well as the gut membrane.

Sprouted Broccoli is one of the key ingredients –
and is one of the best sources of Sulforaphane which is thought to have the following benefits:

Support for healthy ageing –
The bioactive compounds in broccoli sprouts can influence the genes that govern cellular function, which supports the health and wellbeing of people as they age.

Defence against disease –
Sulphoraphane can also regulate many of the processes that form the basis of disease by up-regulating protective and detoxification cellular enzymes. It also has the potential to block carcinogen-activating enzymes.

Sulforaphane is highly bio-available – approximately 80% of what is ingested finds its way into the cells.

Potential to favourably impact autism –
One of the most promising and remarkable studies involving sulforaphane revealed its potential in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), by ‘protecting aerobic cells against oxidative stress, inflammation, and DNA-damage’, all of which are prominent and possibly mechanistic characteristics of ASD.

Potential support for the cardiovascular system –
Sulforaphane influences the production of protective enzymes to support the blood vessels, as well as supporting the immune system to reduce inflammatory and oxidative molecules that cause cell damage.

Improving gut health –
For an individual to enjoy optimal health, cells lining the gastrointestinal tract (the enterocytes) need to function at their peak; sulforaphane helps these cells to function more efficiently. The common stomach infection, Helicobacter Pylori, can lead to the development of severe inflammation and possibly to stomach ulcers. Sulforaphanehas been shown to destroy the H. Pylori bacterium, at the same time controlling inflammation in the stomach lining.

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