Welcome to the NW health MOT package’s

We care about the health and wellbeing of animals too. Would you like to improve your pets wellbeing or do you need advice about a health condition they suffer with.

We can test a saliva sample for over 20,000 different things, using bio-resonance technology.

To book a health test for your dog, contact us and we will send you a test kit + questionnaire.

Common questions about the testing…

What comes with the kit?

We provide a small kit that will be posted to you – it fits through the letterbox. We use this box time and time again, so please try to be gentle and use it to send back your sample. The kit contains instructions for use, a questionnaire to complete, x1 glass bottle for the saliva or swab and a sterile swab for pet and child tests.

Instructions for use...

The kit is for our remote tests and assessments. Please follow the simple steps on the test form and deposit some saliva into the glass bottle. Please try to produce enough saliva to be visible in the bottle, as a good sample gives clearer results. In the case of the swabs, try to scoop plenty of saliva onto the swab and then put it into the bottle.

Things to avoid...

If using a swab, do not touch it with your fingers and if it looks dry, try to encourage your child or pet to drink some water and then try again.

Please do not use recorded or signed for post – use a first class large letter stamp and pop in the post box. 

When shall I send my sample?

Please don’t post samples on Friday, Saturday or Sundays. If you send your sample between Monday and Thursday then we will always be able to test it on the day it arrives and fresh samples provide better results.

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