Order Information

Order information:

Natures Wisdom formulas and remedies can be ordered through our website and paid for via PayPal or Stripe. We aim to dispatch within 2 working days of receiving your order. We send orders under £75 by Royal Mail 2nd class post, unless you select first class shipping at the checkout. Order’s over £75 will be sent by courier.

If we find a product is out of stock, we will email you an estimated dispatch date.

Outside UK:

If you are outside of the UK please contact us by email for orders, there will be an additional charge for postage and there are some countries that we are unable to post formulas and remedies to.


Powders can be taken directly from a spoon or mixed in any cold drink or food.

Tinctures can also be taken directly or mixed in any cold drink or food. Dosage will typically be a number of drops. There is no need to shake the bottle, simply hold it upside down and the dropper will automatically dispense drops – you can count these onto a spoon or directly into your drink/food.

Tinctures should be kept in the fridge after opening.

Any homeopathic medicines should be taken 5+ minutes away from any food and drink and pillules should be allowed to dissolve under the tongue. Remedies should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from any strong smelling items.


Natures Wisdom products can be returned unopened, as long as you notify us that you are going to return the item within 48 hours of receipt. Postage for returns is payable by you. We will refund the value of the products within 48 hours of our receiving them.

If you receive a product that is faulty or damaged in transit then please advise us right away and we will either replace it or refund you at our discretion. We may need you to return the item to us so that we can claim against Royal Mail.

We may cancel your order and refund your payment if we are unable to supply a product. We will notify you of this by email.

Special Item Orders

If an item is marked as ‘Special Order Only’ this means that we have a tried and tested formulation for the product, however it will be made to order and it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

All our nutritional and herbal formulas are based on traditional usage to support the body as described. We make no medical claims for their effectiveness.


As with any herbal or nutritional product, our formulas may cause increase of symptoms, or increased elimination symptoms. If in doubt about any minor effects, stop taking the product and try it again in three days at half of the dose. If you experience any strong effects or have any concerns, please consult your healthcare practitioner. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please do not use this product.

Bespoke Orders

If you or client is allergic to an ingredient or you require a different formula for some reason, it is possible to place a bespoke order. They can be ordered in the bespoke item section of the website.

These take approx. 2-3 weeks and may have an additional charge of up to £10 per item. They are also not eligible for commission if you are part of the practitioner affiliate scheme. Once the order has been placed no cancellations can be made at any time.

Impact on enviroment, we care….

About our packaging bags, they are100% compostable and are made from LDPE (Low Density PolyEthylene) and Polylactic acid (PLA) mixed with vegetable starch and organic minerals. These biodegradable bags breakdown easily once you have finished with them, yet the resealable zipper and bottom gusset mean the life of the carefully handmade contents are well preserved.

Whether you order one item or 1000, all products that Natures Wisdom UK supply are treated with the same created, packaged and delivered in the most natural way possible.

  • Oxo Bio bags for product / fully compostable in 8 weeks
  • Cardboard boxes  – no plastic bags here
  • Glass bottles – tinctures – pipettes
  • Green jiffy bags for safe delivery, that you can reuse again & again.

One of our most popular formulas:

Circulation Cream with saffron

Which contains plant ingredients that promote the healing of connective tissue including in the blood and lymphatic vessels, so that circulation and flow can improve.

We recommend it for any problems with circulation including anywhere with spider or varicose veins. It is also helpful for people with blockages in the lymphatic system.

The circulation cream is 100% natural and unperfumed. The ingredients have been chosen for their different properties and combined into a cream that can be applied to the skin. 

Circulation Cream:
provides natural potassium, magnesium and vitamin D.

The ingredients include:

Cold pressed Hemp seed oil
rich in vitamin A and D, potassium & magnesium.
It also contains over 540 different phytochemicals that give it anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuroprotective qualities.

Cold pressed Olive oil
rich in oleic acid the Omega 9 fatty acid which is needed for healthy cell membranes. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound healing. 


provides phosphatidylcholine which is the most important substance in the formation of cell membranes. It is also rich in biotin and glycerol.

Chondroitin sulphate                                                 

from marine sources, is an important component of connective tissue.


from plant sources, for repair of body tissues.

Bee propolis                                                        

restores healthy skin and connective tissue, it also accelerates the rate of cell growth.

Hawthorn extract                                            

Paracelsus first observed Hawthorn’s useful properties for heart health and circulation. Hawthorn is rich in phytonutrients and improves circulation by reducing resistance in the arteries. It’s a natural ACE inhibitor (angiotensin converting enzyme).

Gingko Biloba extract                                        

improves blood circulation.


contains a high concentration of iron which increases red blood cell levels and stimulates circulation and the oxygenation. It is also a rich source of potassium.