or Positive behaviour spray Provides a dopamine boost to support reduction from negative life coping strategies, into a more productive behaviours. Extremely helpful for those who have found life too harsh and unfriendly. Can be used whatever the addiction whether it is a physical, psychological, emotional or energetic addiction. All addictions are symptoms of a need to protect the self from the external environment and a lack of internal connection. This can be as a direct result of feeling a lack of belonging, never being listened to and complete lack of support which often is familiar territory for light/energy workers and empaths. Delivered as a nasal spray to support absorption of ingredients where they are most needed. Dosage: 1 spray nasally as needed, alternatively can be sprayed under the tongue Ingredients: citrus, grapefruit, geranium, gingko biloba, liquorice, dopamine enhancer in a vegetable glycerine base – infused with photon technology

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If you consider yourself an empath, a healer, a light-worker, an Indigo type, supernatural spirit worker or just a sensitive soul then this is the range for you. 

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