Cold & Flu Kit – Immune Support Plus

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Immune Support Plus Kit – for people in need of additional support.

If you are a vulnerable person or have a weakened or hyper-responsive immune system, this kit should be taken in addition to the standard cold and flu kit – order here

For helpful information about Coronavirus, click here and you will be taken to the blog on the NTA Health website.

500ml Rose Hip Buffered Vitamin C powders – 5mls, 2-4 x daily at least (best to take to bowel tolerance)

Ingredients: coconut whey, grape sugars, stevia, rose hips, orange, tumeric, pre and probiotics, plant based enzymes and minerals.

50ml Throat & Chest infection PLUS herbal drops – 10 drops 8 x daily during acute illness.

Ingredients: aqueous extracts of wild thyme, clove, elderberries and echinacea PLUS vitamin D, zinc, andrographis, calendula, glucosamine and MSM, ginkgo biloba, Japanese knotweed, Chinese skullcap, cat’s claw and Siberian ginseng (eleuthero),  tumeric and sida acuta red root, in a red wine base

50ml Artemesia Plus herbal drops – 20 drops 2 x daily as a preventative

Ingredients: Artemesia (wormwood), wild sage, hibiscus, thyme, vervain, clove and ginger root, preserved in an organic red wine base

Homeopathic remedies – for acute illness that progress into a cough / pneumonia, choose the one that fits symptoms best and take 4 x daily:

Bryonia – (in basic cold & flu kit) main symptom is flu with a harsh cough (brought on when you move) and can have pain in chest and / or head

Ars-Alb – difficult breathing with shortness of breath and coughing with frothy phlegm. Feeling of suffocation, especially when laying down.

Phos – faster breathing with a feeling of heaviness in the chest. A hard, dry racking cough. Breathing and cough is worse when laying on left side.

Carbo-veg – for pneumonia in older people – cough with short breaths and laboured breathing.

(You may alternate these remedies with the ones in the standard kit: Gels, ABC, Merc-viv and Eup-per)

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