Energy Boost Bundle

£110.00£160.00 inc Vat

Targeted supplements to help restore energy and vitality to all cells in the whole body.



Clients will receive a box containing a supply of the following:

750ml Energy Balance tincture – 5mls, 2 x daily 

750ml Renew energy tonic – 2.5mls, 2-4 x daily

3 x 30ml Cellular mineral drops – add 3 drops to water before exercise

Homeopathic strength & energy support remedies – suck one pillule, up-to hourly

NTA Nutrition book + relaxation PDF + hydration PDF

With a health MOT – £160 – find out what might be causing your fatigue and tiredness and follow a 12 week individualised treatment plan. The support products will be made exactly to support the imbalances we find on your Health MOT and will help to help restore energy and vitality at a cellular level throughout your whole body.

Without a health MOT – £110 – a 12 week supply of energy boosting supports that will create the energy you need to work, rest and play. Ideal for those who just want to get more energy fast. 12 week supply at the recommended doses.

For more information out health MOTs see the testing page here.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
with / without health MOT

with MOT, without MOT