IBS & Gut Health Bundle 1 – Subscription

£60.00 inc Vat / 30 days

To support gut health and IBS with mostly constipation.

Other bundle options available for mostly diarrhoea, alternating constipation and diarrhoea or gut membrane repair.


Clients will receive a box containing a supply of the following:

500ml Digestive Support powder – 5mls, 2 x daily

500ml Rosehip Buffered Vitamin C powder – 5mls, 2 x daily

Homeopathic Regular Bowel remedy – suck one pillule, 2 x daily

Homeopathic Bowel Flora remedy – morgan bach – suck one pillule, once a week

NTA Nutrition book + Relaxation pdf + Movement pdf + IBS module

Reviews and bioresonance tests.

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