LymeCo Chronic Bundle: Phase 1 £300 (12 weeks)

In collaboration with NTA Health Clinic we have a specially selected combination

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In collaboration with NTA Health Clinic we have a specially selected combination of products designed to support and stabilise the body. The recommended starting point for treating Chronic Lyme disease.

Clients will receive a box containing 12 weeks supply of the following:

Nature’s Wisdom LymeCo Balance Powder (850ml) containing extracts to provide highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pre & probiotics, electrolytes, choline and chlorella to support detox pathways.
NTA’s Organ Support Homeopathic Remedy to support the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system
Nature’s Wisdom 1000mg Omega Capsules – Herring Fish Oil (90 capsules) containing 1000mg herring oil sourced from the cleanest seas, to support heart, brain and eye health.
Plus the herbal and homeopathic remedies to address your most predominant symptom (please choose one): Add a note in basket at checkout please
Fatigue = Adrenal Support Powders plus Adrenal Remedies
Neurological symptoms = Activated Charcoal Oil plus Brain tissue Salts
Pain = Devil’s Bit plus RRA Remedy 12c and 18c
Also included:
Castor Oil Pack (with instructions and facecloth)
Epsom Salts for bathing to aid detoxification
Epsom Salts spray for daily use
Nutrition book with information and advice on diet and over 50 healthy recipes
Lifestyle advice including sleep, digestion, meditation, relaxation, movement and reducing toxins in the home
Treatment diary to monitor your symptoms and progress.

The bundle includes a Health Analysis worth £120 via NTA Health – which tests for infections, toxins and more using a saliva sample that you send in the post. Click here for details.

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