Sport Health Analysis

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Being at your nutritional and physical peak is essential to optimum performance at the gym or out on the field. The supplement and meal plan market is growing by the day and, with a Sports MOT, we can help you pinpoint what your body needs to maximise your training.

We will test a saliva sample using bio-resonance technology. Includes test report with a detailed personalised plan and recommendations as to what naturopathic treatments and lifestyle changes might be appropriate for you.

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In this package, we test 2 saliva samples. One sample is taken before exercise and one taken afterwards. This allows us to test markers and see what nutrients, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants are needed for you to perform to your potential. We measure lactic acid, pyruvic acid and glycolysis indicators. If you have a particular issue during workouts, let us know on the provided questionnaire and we’ll look for the answer. The sport package includes:

  • A double saliva test kit posted to you
  • A sports health questionnaire to help us know what’s important to you
  • A Sports MOT bioresonance test
  • Expert practitioner analysis
  • A full report of our findings
  • A personalised treatment plan with Naturopathic support products and remedies. 

For more information on bio-resonance technology, please read here.

Please note that bioresonance technology has been used by Naturopaths for decades and scans for test items using frequency testing. This is not the same as blood testing or other forms of saliva testing. The information supplied is not intended to replace the advice of your GP or any treatments they have recommended. 

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