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Serious Sports Support bundle

At only  £195, this bundle is for those who are looking to get a little bit more information and supplementation to get beyond their transformation and performance goals! Ideal for serious gym and sports performers. You get a comprehensive overview of systems within the body and what needs more support. Plus all the supplementation you need to support them


Sports & workout bundle

With a health MOT – £125 – products and remedies will be tailored to your needs to help your body repair, restore and burst with energy. Ideal for those who want to understand what they need to get the most out of their workouts out achieve body transformation.

Without a health MOT – £70 – generic performance bundle to help your body repair, restore and burst with energy. Ideal for those who want all round supplements to get the best our of their workouts.




Energy boost bundle

With a health MOT – £125 – find out what might be causing your fatigue and tiredness. Targeted supplements to help restore energy and vitality to all cells in the whole body.

Without a health MOT – £70 – generic energy boost bundle to create the energy you need to work, rest ad play. Ideal for those who just want a boost to get more energy fast.




After work out bliss

To calm, relieve and soothe sore and hard worked bodies. This bundle creates a haven of calm to support the body and all it’s systems to repair and renew. Heaven in a bundle.


Add On Sports Products

1000mg Omega Capsules – Herring Oil

£22 (90 capsules)

Our herring oil is sourced from the cleanest possible oceans and provides 1000mg herring oil.

Dosage: one capsule daily with food

Ingredients: Capsules contain 1000mg herring oil, vegetable glycerine, palmitate oil and alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E)

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Achy Limbs Magnesium and Potassium Oil

£12 (100ml)

Apply this oil where needed to ease restless legs, fibromyalgia pain, Raynaud’s syndrome, muscle pains and twitches, DOMS, as well as tight and painful tendons or to increase blood circulation.

Dosage: massage into affected area up to 4 times daily.

Ingredients: maythen oil with magnesium and potassium.



Brain Boost Tonic

£25 (50ml)

Designed to provide cognitive enhancement including concentration, stamina, memory and performance. 

Dosage: 10-20 drops up to twice daily when needed

Ingredients: hemp seed oil, rosemary, gingko biloba, ginseng, green tea with homeopathic psilocybe preserved in an organic red wine base.

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Glucosamine and MSM Support Powders

£22 (250ml)

Helps with connective tissue health and repair so is especially good for joints, muscles and tendons. Glucosamine combined with MSM encourages collagen growth. 

Dosage: 5ml twice daily with food 

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Ingredients: coconut whey, grape sugars, stevia, pre and probiotics, plant based minerals and enzymes, glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine chondroitin from oyster shell, MSM from sea coral, apium seed, valerian root, dandelion root, ginger and berry fruits. 

Other sizes available: £30 (500ml)

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Marine Phytoplankton

£22 (60 tablets)

Marine Phytoplankton promotes cellular energy, is anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, good for skin conditions and joints, supports the cardiovascular system and is a good toxin binder. 

The smallest and most ancient plants on our planet, containing a wealth of bioavailable vitamins including 

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A, C, D & E plus B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12, minerals, antioxidants, all 10 essential amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carotenoids and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, as well as the benefits of antioxidant superoxide dismutase.

Marine Phytoplankton are single celled organisms, 5-7 times smaller than a human red blood cell and as a result they can take nutrients straight into cells rather than being held up in the digestive tract or decomposed and cleansed via the liver.

Dosage: take 1-2 tablets per day in the morning, as the increase in energy can affect the ability to fall asleep. 


Ingredients: marine phytoplankton

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Weight Control Powders (Special Order Only)

£22 (250ml)

Can support weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Dosage: 5ml twice daily with food

Ingredients: L-carnitine, south pacific kelp, fennel, coconut whey, apium seed, vanilla and berry fruits

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