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At Natures Wisdom, we understand the body’s ability to heal itself when it is nourished with nutrients in the right state & combination. The world is full of pollutants both internally and externally, so our bodies can become toxic, dehydrated & malnourished. We have carefully formulated balanced remedies, powders and tinctures to nourish at the deepest level, in a way that most other supplements cannot come close to.

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Our products

Allergy Support

Gentle but effective formulas for people with allergies – from Hay Fever, Dust Mite and Food allergies to Histamine intolerance and Mast Cell Activation syndrome (MCAS)

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Bone and Joint Health

Powerful, but well tolerated formulas to support people with arthritis, gout, bone spurs, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

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Brain Health

Supports that improve your blood quality and blood flow to help with your brain health. Also, products that provide healthy fats and nutrients in forms that can be used by the brain, put together in balanced combinations. All designed with the help of Dr Rachel Taylor.

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ki science

Bundle Subscriptions

Over 20 treatment bundles available on a pay monthly subscription

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Children and Baby

Gentle support products for common child and baby ailments, including our nice tasting tonic that provides all vitamins and minerals in a teaspoon as well as other products to support ADD / ADHD, anxiety, asthma, autism, concentration, eczema, PANs / PANDAs, parasites, sadness and sleep problems.

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Chronic Illness

In association with NTA Health we have developed many formulas that support health recovery for people with chronic illnesses, including adrenal fatigue, candidiasis, CFS / ME, EHS / EMF sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, FNSD (functional neurologic symptom disorder) and MCS / MCAS.

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Support products to help the body in naturally eliminating chronic toxicity and to maintain toxin clearing, even for those living with genetic limitations (like MTHFR) or living in toxic environments.

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Digestive Health

Perfectly balanced formulas blended to deliver active ingredients to the right part of the digestive system, for maximum absorption and effect. Formulas include ones that help with acid reflux, blood sugar balancing, candida overgrowth, constipation, diarrhoea, food intolerances, IBD and IBS, leaky gut, parasites, sluggish liver and gallbladder function, as well as SIBO

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eShield products contain plant ingredients that offer natural protection against the effects of EMF radiation including 5G

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Everyday Wellness

Our collection of completely natural nutrient and herbal formulas, designed to alleviate minor health issues. It includes support powders and tinctures for bladder issues like cystitis, colds and flus, insomnia, poor circulation including Raynaud’s as well as weight control. Our insect and tick repellent spray and our travel support tinctures can be found here too.

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Female Health

Perfectly balanced formulas blended to support the endocrine glands and balance hormone levels. Our products include ones that help with endometriosis, fibroids, menopause, PCOS, peri-menopause and PMT as well as fertility, pregnancy and post-natal recovery.

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Health MOT

Our remote health testing services, provided by NTA Health. We can check a saliva sample (that you send to us by post) for over 20,000 test items. We will then send you a report of the results and our recommendations for treatments. From £40 for a viral / immune status test to £120 for a full health analysis.

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Heart Health

Powerful but well tolerated formulas, to support people with arrhythmia, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, as well as the effects of heart attacks and strokes.

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Order one pot, three pots, or five pots and add a note at the checkout to tell us what remedy and potency you require.

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Ki Science

Our favourite Ki Science products, often recommended by the NTA practitioners.

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Lyme Disease

In association with NTA Health, we have a range of Stephen Buhner based herbal medicines that support people with both acute and chronic Lyme disease.

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Mental Health

Our collection of completely natural nutrient and herbal formulas designed to support and balance hormones and neurotransmitters for people with mental health symptoms. All designed with the help of Dr Rachel Taylor, we have formulas that support those with addictions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, mental exhaustion, mood swings, obsessive thinking and SAD.

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Natures Oracle

if you consider yourself to be an empath, healer, light-worker, indigo type, supernatural spirit worker or just a sensitive soul – this is the range for you.

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Pet Products & Testing

Support products for dogs and Pet MOTs – using saliva samples sent to us by post.

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Sports Fitness & Injury

Support products and sports performance testing, for people serious about sport and fitness. Products include achy limbs mineral oil, brain boost tonic for focus on performance, performance support powders and renew energy tonic.

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Need support with your recovery?

Natures Wisdom UK is part of the NTA Health Group. We have a highly trained team to help you to recover your health and support your wellbeing. Lots of options are available whether you need practitioner led treatment, or are guiding your own treatment. Read more at our sister website.

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Creating Partnerships

We are interested in working in partnership with those who believe in a completely natural approach to recovery, healing and rehabilitation. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in promoting our products and remedies to your clients, then please do get in touch.

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We’re here to help!

If you have any questions about our products or services, our friendly team of qualified staff are here to help.

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