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At Natures Wisdom, we understand the body’s ability to heal itself when it is nourished with nutrients in the right state & combination.

The world is full of pollutants both internally and externally so our bodies can become toxic, dehydrated & malnourished. We have carefully formulated balanced remedies, powders and tinctures to nourish at the deepest level, in a way that most other supplements cannot come close to.

Our products are also gluten and dairy free.

A little bit about us ..

Everything we sell is produced in the UK using 100% natural ingredients and prepared using naturopathic methods.

All the herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables used are carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers around the world, to ensure their purity and quality.

The ingredients are harvested taking nature’s cycles into account, which is crucial to their effectiveness. Plants are harvested at the right time of year, month and day to harness the properties needed.

Most producers of herbal remedies are hugely limited with their harvesting methods and the potency of the ingredients is therefore affected.

Plant enzymes are drawn up into the leaves and petals during daylight hours, then re-absorbed into the roots at night.

Harvesting therefore has to take place at the correct time of day to capture the ingredients needed, depending on the part of the plant being utilised.

Not all supplements and ingredients are created equal

Sports perferomance | Fitness , bundles 

Get a bespoke bundle catered to your needs to help your body repair, restore and burst with energy. Ideal for those who really want to understand what they need to get the most out of their workouts to achieve body transformation.

Several studies have shown that EMF exposure weakens the thin barrier which protects your brain against toxins (like heavy metals, glyphosate and pesticides) and invaders (like bacteria and viruses), called the “blood-brain barrier”. EMFs also weaken the gut membrane in the same way.

This means that overexposure to EMFs, can allow essential brain nutrients to leach out of your brain, while letting the toxins enter, slowing  down your mental ability and energy.

Our exclusive eShield products, contain plant ingredients that offer natural protective elements against the effects of radiation exposure, including EMF radiation.

All products in the range are 100% natural and un-perfumed, so that even highly sensitive people can use them.

The eShield ingredients have been chosen for their different protective properties and combined into products that can be applied to the skin and a powdered support formula to taken orally.

Health MOT | Remote Saliva testing 

Remote health testing , Health Analysis full report provided recomendations life style changes , also now for your Pets 

Lyme disease

Approach to treating lyme

In association with NTA Health, our recommended approach to treating Lyme disease, consists of combining Stephen Buhner protocol based herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and expert advice on diet and lifestyle.  

The route we advise clients to take, depends on whether they have acute or chronic Lyme disease. If they have been infected for less than 6 months at the start of treatment we would classify their condition as acute. If they have been infected for more than 6 months, we would treat as a chronic infection.


It is important to take prevention measures when out and about, including wearing a repellent effective against ticks. 


Treating acute patients

Acute Patients

If you have been recently infected and diagnosed with Lyme disease your GP should have followed the NICE guideline. It is likely that you will be prescribed around 3 weeks of antibiotics, plus another 3 weeks if symptoms persist. 

Sadly, this treatment can be insufficient for some patients. Ticks can also transmit other infections, known as coinfections, some of which are not covered by the antibiotics. 

We recommend that all patients infected with Lyme disease take our Acute Lyme Disease Bundle, Stage 1 and then 2. This has been specially formulated to be taken alongside or instead of antibiotic treatment. It can also be used prophylactically.

We find most patients who follow the full 12 week course of treatment recover, however if they are still symptomatic 10 weeks into treatment we recommend that they book a saliva test as it is likely that they had a pre-existing health condition that has been aggravated, such as a reactivated virus.  

All products should be taken 2 hours away from other medication. 


It is strongly recommended to use the full bundle, however you can also buy the following items separately if required:


Treating chronic patients

Chronic Patients

Duration of treatment varies widely from patient to patient. Based on over ten years of experience in treating patients with chronic illness, we treat based on a four phase system. We have been treating patients for over 10 years and in that time have established this is the quickest, and most effective way to get people better. We have patients come to us who have already tried treating with herbs/homeopathy/antibiotics, typically we find treatment failure comes from not doing the preparatory work. Providing that you commit to the treatment we would anticipate that approximately 12 – 18 months of treatment will be necessary for recovery. We recommend starting with the LymeCo Bundle Phase 1 bundle, and have a remote health analysis 10 weeks into treatment, to allow for Phase 2 to be tailored to your test results, however the individual elements can be purchased separately.

Many clients also find complementary products in our Mental Wellbeing and Sleep, Detoxification, Digestive Health and Chronic Illnesses sections.

It is strongly recommended to use the full bundle, however you can also buy the following items separately if required:


Lyme maintenance bundle

We recommend all patients follow a lyme maintenance programme for 12 to 18 months after treatment for Chronic Lyme.

We offer a programme that includes all treatments and regular remote health analysis to monitor for any pathogen release.


C60 Buckminster Fullerine Activated Charcoal Oil using maythen oil (also called English Chamomile) 

Maythen oil was one of the Saxon’s nine sacred herbs and was also used by the Ancient Egyptians. It  is extracted from flower heads and has powerful anti-inflammatory, detoxification and soothing qualities, it is also anti-ageing. 

Taken from our traditional herbalism roots, this one ingredient inspired our Activated Charcoal Oil, with C60 Buckminster fullerene, which combines ancient knowledge with the newest scientific discoveries.

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