Herbal & nutrient formulas – 100% natural – obviously

Herbal & nutrient formulas
100% natural – obviously

At Natures Wisdom we understand the body’s ability to heal itself when it is nourished with nutrients in the right state & combination. The world is full of pollutants both internally and externally so our bodies can become toxic, dehydrated & malnourished.

We have carefully formulated balanced remedies, powders and tinctures to nourish at the deepest level, in a way that most other supplements cannot come close to.

All our products are also gluten and dairy free.

Everything we sell is produced in the UK using 100% natural ingredients and prepared using naturopathic methods.

All the herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables used are carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers around the world, to ensure their purity and quality.

The ingredients are harvested taking nature’s cycles into account, which is crucial to their effectiveness. Plants are harvested at the right time of year, month and day to harness the properties needed.

Most producers of herbal remedies are hugely limited with their harvesting methods  and the potency of the ingredients are therefore affected.

Plant enzymes are drawn up into the leaves and petals during daylight hours, re-absorbed into the roots at night, harvesting therefore has to take place at the correct time of day to capture the ingredients needed, depending on the part of the plant being utilised.

Not all supplements and ingredients are created equal


Allergy Support

Eczema Cream​

Histamine Support Tincture

Rose Hip Buffered Vitamin C Powders​ 

Thyme Tincture

Vegan 1000mg Omega 3/6/9 Capsules​


Bones & Joints

Calcium Plus Powders​
Glucosamine and MSM Powders​
Marine Phytoplankton​
Vegan 1000mg Omega 3/6/9 Capsules​


Brain Health

e Shield Range

​Marine Phytoplankton​

Nerve and Gut Support Powders​ 

Obsessive Thinking Nasal Spray

Pineal Clear Circulation Oil


Children & Baby

All in One Nutrient LiquidTravel Tincture​

Children’s Sleep Tincture​

Pure Happy Drops​ 

Tick Repellant Spray

Travel Tincture​

Digestive Health

Anti Fungal Tincture​

Digestive Support Tincture​

Nerve and Gut Support Powders​ 

Parasite Cleanse Tincture

Rose Hip Buffered Vitamin C Powders​ 

Heart Health

1000mg Herring Oil Capsules

C60 Activated Charcoal Oil

Calcium Plus Powders​

Marine Phytoplankton

Vegan 1000mg Omega 3/6/9

Chronic Illness

Adrenal and Blood Sugar Support

Immune Support Powders​

Methylation and Sulphation Support 

Nerve and Gut Support 

Nutrient Support Powders​ 

Everyday Wellness

e Shield Range​

Nutrient Support Powders​ 

Sleep Support Tincture​

Travel Tincture​ 

Weight Control Powders

Lyme Disease

Acute tincture

Chronic tincture

LymeCo Balance Powders

LymeCo Biofilm Breaking Powders​ 

LymeCo Chronic Bundle Phase 1​/2/3



Activated Charcoal Oil C60

Chelation Support Powders​

Circulation Cream​

Detox Support Powders​

Lymph Support Tincture

Female Health

Adrenal and Blood Sugar Support

Hormone Balance Powders

Isoflavin Tablets​ 

Menopause Support Powders​ 

Thyroid Support Powders​

Mental Health

Addiction into New Habits Nasal Spray

Brain Boost Tonic​ 

Obsessive Thinking Nasal Spray

Pineal Clear Circulation Oil​ 

Pure Happy Drops​

Whole Extract ​St John’s Wort​ 

Sports Performance, Fitness and Injury

1000mg Omega capsules

Achy Limbs Magnesium & Potassium Oil

Brain Boost Tonic​ 

Glucosamine and MSM Powders

Marine Phytoplankton​

Weight Control Powders

Ki Science

Cistus Tea

Complete Ascorbate

Enteric Support

RV – Powder

RV – tincture

Bespoke products

Bespoke Liquids / Tinctures

Bespoke Creams / Oils

Bespoke Powders

Homeopathic Medicines

e Shield range

eShield Bar

eShield Complete​

eShield Cream​ ​

eShield Laundry Liquid​

Natures Oracle

Addicted into new habits

Anxiety Support

Brain balance

Calm me Tea

e Shield: Exclusively Ours

Beware of imitation products claiming to do similar or the same. Natures Wisdom UK is the only producer of e Shield products.

eShield products contain plant ingredients that offer natural protective elements against the effects of radiation exposure, including EMF radiation.

All products in the range are 100% natural and unperfumed. The ingredients have been chosen for their different properties and combined into body products that can be applied to the skin or taken orally, in the case of the powders.


People who are affected by EMFs tell us that they react less to exposure to computers and mobile phones when using the eShield products. Sensitive clients also report less symptoms after long-haul flights after using the eShield cream.

With the introduction of 5G, the biggest concern is how the new wavelengths will penetrate the skin, because 90% of the transmitted power will be absorbed in the epidermis and dermis layer.

This means that the skin will become more conductive, which could lead to many skin diseases as well as physical pain to the skin. It also means the EMF frequencies can have a deeper impact on the body.

Nature always has the answer

Ingredient of the Month:

Maythen Oil (also called English Chamomile)

One of the Saxon’s nine sacred herbs and also used by the Ancient Egyptians. Maythen oil is extracted from flower heads and has powerful anti-inflammatory, detoxification and soothing qualities.

From natures book this one ingredient inspired our Activated Charcoal Oil with C60 Buckminster fullerene, along with many more hand made traditional herbal formulas.

At  we like to keep it real & simple



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