Circulation Cream

£40.00 inc Vat

This cream contains plant ingredients that promote the healing of connective tissue, including in the blood and lymphatic vessels, so that circulation and flow can improve. We recommend it for anyone with circulation issues, including cold hands and feet, and anywhere with spider or varicose veins. It is also helpful for people with blockages in lymph glands and the tonsils.


The circulation cream is 100% natural and unperfumed. The ingredients have been chosen for their different properties and combined into a cream that can be applied to the skin. The ingredients provide natural potassium, magnesium and Vitamin D.


Dosage: Use as needed. Start very gently with a very small amount of cream for a lymph and drainage style massage, only massaging for 20-30 seconds. Toxins can be released, so its best to then have a few days off and then try again if this happens.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, olive oil, vegetable wax, soy lecithin, chondroitin sulphate, plant collagen and Bee propolis with hawthorn and ginkgo aqueous extract and saffron.

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